Bond - Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the Facilities Study Committee recommend submitting a proposed bond measure?

A. A 30-member citizen Facilities Study Committee, led by an architectural firm, spent eight months reviewing and assessing district                   facilities. Committee members toured buildings, considered population forecasts, listened to staff reports and assessed                                   maintenance and renovation costs. A bond passed in 2014 allowed for projects at many of the District’s schools but did not address             the Annex and maintenance buildings. The committee recommended a proposed bond measure to address the Annex and                               maintenance buildings and relocate the Maintenance/Grounds/Facilities operations.

What would the proposed bond measure cost, if it passes?

A. • $4.845 million proposed bond, to be repaid over 13 years
     • The proposed bond would cost an estimated $0.28 per $1,000 of assessed property value.
     • The District’s total bond tax rate (2014 bond plus the proposed bond measure) is not projected to increase if the proposed bond                    measure passes. The bond tax rate is expected to remain at the current $1.93 per $1,000 of assessed property value if the proposed              bond measure passes.
     • If the proposed bond measure passes, property owners would pay an estimated $386 per year, or $32.17 per month, for a home                    assessed at $200,000.
     • If the proposed bond measure doesn’t pass, the bond tax rate would decline to $1.65 per $1,000 of assessed value due to refinancing         the 2014 bond, and the projects outlined in this proposal would not be completed.

Could proposed bond funds be used for other purposes?

A. If the proposed bond measure passes, bond funds could only be used for costs associated with the projects listed in the bond                         proposal in the ballot measure. Proposed bond funds could not pay for salaries or operational costs. 

How would the District oversee proposed bond spending?

A. If the proposed bond measure passes, the District would appoint a Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee to monitor the progress of the           bond. That committee would report back to the School Board on a regular basis.

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