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Our Story

A 30-member citizen Facilities Study Committee, led by an architectural firm, spent eight months reviewing and assessing district facilities. Committee members toured buildings, considered population forecasts, listened to staff reports and assessed maintenance and renovation costs. A bond passed in 2014 allowed for projects at many of the district’s schools but did not address the Annex and maintenance buildings. The committee recommended a proposed bond measure to address the Annex and maintenance buildings and relocate the Maintenance/Grounds/Facilities operations.

As a result, the Annex is 98 years old. The proposed bond measure would pay to replace the Annex with a new multi-use facility that would be used for academics (physical education, health, STEM and vocational classes), athletics and community events. It would house two basketball courts that could be converted to four sport courts. Two drop-down dividers would enable softball and baseball pitching and hitting practices.

The Maintenance/Grounds/ Facilities would move from the Annex to another site. The District has a lease/purchase agreement to relocate maintenance, grounds and facilities operations to the Adams Professional Center if the proposed bond measure passes.

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